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Very nice new Grizzly rug. Soft and fine fur. Measures 82" tip to tip and 92" across front feet.
Claws measure up to 
3 1/2 " long.
Measures 67" tip to tip. Nice fall fur.  Great bear for small space.
# MT85
​Measures 85" nose to tip of tail.  Nice thick fur, with great color. Sandstone and light brown felt.
Giraffe back skin.
Great coloring on this very neat piece. Very durable hide to use on floor or for a wall hanging
M​easures 44" tip to tip The furis very nice soft and amazingly spotted.
Sandstone and black felt border.
Measures 68" tip to tip. Shiny thick fur. The perfect wall hanger!
Measures 66" nose to tail. The fur is long and full. Perfect condition. Double chocolate felt border.
This Alaskan Lynx measures a whopping 46"  
Amazing fur. Great color.
Huge feet!
Sandstone and black felt border.
This Bobcat is very large measuring 48 inches tip to tip!
Also has very full, soft and silky fur. 

​Measures 65" and has very cool markings with soft fur. Dark brown and sweet potato border
This huge Alaskan wolf measures 87" tip to tip.
Great dark color and fur quality.  Grey and black felt border.
This  huge Black furred Alaskan wolf measures 87" tip to tip.
The black color with light accents.
Measures 42" tip to tip This Alaskan Lynx has exceptionally long fluffy fur. Measures 42 tip to tip and 42" across. Double sandstone felt border.
Measures 41" tip to tip and has great fur.
This is a very unique coyote with its strawberry blonde fur. Measures 64" and nice thick soft fur.  Cream and rust color felt.
This Russian Hog measures 74" tip to tip.  Closed mouth but shows off its real tusks!
 Dark chocolate and sweet potato felt border.
All rugs come with 
6 D rings for hanging.
It is your responsibility to know your states laws on buying hides/fur.
Zebra measures 125 X 70 tip to tip. Single small pleather border. Great looking fur, pretty mane. No scars Grade A skin.
This bear measures 60" tip to tip and has amazing long thick fur. Although is smaller than most its the prefect bear for a tight spot. Double black felt border.

This bear measures 62" tip to tip and has nice shiny fur. Great bear for a cabin or sports bar.  Double black felt border
​Measures 78" nose to tip of tail.  Nice soft fur, with great color. Sandstone and light brown felt.
This bear measures 51" tip to tip, has nice shiny fur with a light brown stripe down the middle of the back. Great bear size for a small space. Double black felt border
This bear measures 70" tip to tip, has nice shiny fur.  Great bear for any large wall. Double black felt border