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All rugs come with 
6 D rings for hanging.
Zebra measures 114 X 70 tip to tip. Single small pleather border. Has some natural fighting scars, but a beautiful patterned hide.
This is as big and as nice as they come.  Huge, 78" black bear that has fantastic thick fall fur. Has double black felt border.
Leopard Rug Measures 7' X 5', a spectacular specimen rarely found, in almost excellent condition. Newly re-rugged with the finest taxidermy.
Available only to Michigan Residents.  Must have photo ID

This wolverine has extremely great markings. Great detail of face and marking on back with white patches on shoulders. Measures 47".
This closed mouth bear measures 60" nose to tail. The fur is very thick and shiny. Flat felt border. Perfect rug for that smaller wall.
Don't miss this one!!
Very rare and unique color phase black bear.   Long blond fur with light brown strip down back and chocolate color around the eyes.  
  Measures 64" nose to tail with a brown and tan felt border.
Measures 60" tip to tip. Has long thick and shiny fur. This is a perfect specimen.  Double black border.
The fur is amazingly soft on this gorgeous silver ranch fox, and the tail is extremely full.  measures 64" tip to tip and 39" across.  Black and grey felt border.
This Monster chocolate colored black bear measures 78" nose to tail. Fabulous long thick fur, double chocolate border. 
Black bear with fall shiny fur.  Measures 66". Black and cranberry felt border.
Measures 60" nose to tail. Extremely soft thick fur.  Double chocolate border.
Silver ranch fox, measuring  60" tip to tip. Long thick fur is amazingly soft. Has black and grey border.
We have various real fur pillows for sale. Very user friendly. Make great accents in a trophy room, or on a sofa.  Great gift idea.
  Prices are $55 each or 2 for $100. Plus shipping.

This pretty bear is 54" long tip to tip. It has very nice thick shiny fur.  Double black felt border.
77" tip to tip, and 95" across the front feet. Thick soft golden tipped, furred Alaskan Brown Bear. Front claws are all over 3 inches.
This huge Cinnamon Bear measures 80" tip to tip.  Long thick spring fur and large head.  The front claws are an impressive 2.5"
We also have a large variety of mounts in our showroom for sale.  Just email us what you are looking for.
65" Bronze colored honey bear, from the Rockies.
This very unique fur is a rare find. 
Chocolate and copper felt.
65" Blonde honey bear.
Rocky Mountains. Great long blonde fur down the middle with chocolate colored edges. Light and dark brown felt border.
66" Golden  honey bear. Rocky Mountain bear with long, extremely soft 
tri-colored fur.  Light brown and copper felt border.
This is a perfect chocolate colored black bear measures 76" nose to tail. Fur is super long and soft. Double chocolate border.
Bobcat measures 43" tip to tip. Great thick soft fur.  
Exceptional cat!
Black and sandstone border.